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Take a look at the mug shots, what do see? Anyone you know, this could be anyone, anywhere perhaps you have seen the reported McCanns abductee? Find out why this latest chapter as the surreal campaign continues as the hunt to find a lost child carry on Portugal.

Ben Delicious is in London explaining how the news being presented in Scotland Yard about the recently reported images of Madeleine McCann six years ago in Praia da Luz Portugal is dragging on a bit. The computer artists generated impression hhas some distinct things you should know about. Find out over on Stirring Trouble Internationally you will say ‘ahh’ when you read about it.

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Its a sad reality when kids go missing, you see it everyday on the back of milk cartons in the morning. And when there is no other news stories like these make the headlines. Its up there with Elvis in the Kremlin and Michael Jackson stunt double was the man who died. When dealing with the surreal arts you think George Orwell and Franz Kafka they are two fictional authors who managed to effect and effectively shape fictional journalism. Read the rest of the carton over on >> How Do The McCanns Get Away With It? No, Honestly, How Do They Do It? (