Sausage Objects


You have to watch out, some of the top-selling sausage objects are in-fact shaped like vegetables, for vegetarians, deceiving to the eye anyone could mistake them for real sausages. Every year around the world butchers about this time of year take their prize sausages to the fair for locals to taste.

Ted Obvious is in Manchester taking a look at the good old sausage. During hard times the price of eating sausages goes up. People are in a rush and the quality of sausages in reducing. If you are lucky a large per cent of what you buy has the protein you need to keep strong. The best sausages have nice herbs in them. In other parts of the world they make do with the sausages they can buy on the street by adding thick sauces. Often these sauces are not what they say they are. That is the great thing about buying sausages at the fair. Wether the sausages are great or not you know what you’re getting with the sauce.

The supermarkets are expanding in their range of sausages, importing from Europe so you can get a good deal there you just need to shop around. Finding the time to do shopping, whilst juggling around work and the kids is not an easy task. One great way is to educate your kids in the store, show them how to shop on a budget and give the lunch money to them.

where's the meat goneThere will always be the temptation that someone late at night by a hot dog from the hot dog stall, it is very tempting, they fry onions which is the activating smell which triggers the senses to buy. The thing about meat products when shaped into sausage objects (curved, cylindrical, brown and neatly tied into an intestine bag) is that you know there is some protein inside. The thing is though you want it to taste nice if you want to get through the day without stomach rumbles. So here is the kicker how do you test your sausages and what are the tell-tale signs that you maybe choosing a banger? Find out over on Stirring Trouble Internationally >> Test Your Sausages, Those Penis-Shaped Objects, Before You Eat Them (