Curtains For Chilcot Report

chilcot report
For the past couple of years high hopes have been expected from the ‘John Chilcot Report’ a paper which has been in the pipeline for a number of years now. Researching popular subjects like ‘war around the world’ and ‘War and Peace in the Western World’.

Adam Lovejoy is in London reflecting on the promises made in Whitehall. In todays submission read all about the war in Iraq, Tony Blair and the strategies of politics devised by New Labour in the early decade of 2000. Get the latest scoop on David Cameron and what he said before and now after the report is concluded. If you think the report should continue now is you chance to have  your voice met over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

blair and cameron

It is difficult to pull the shutters over the prying eyes of readers of  British history so to keep everyone engaged its good to keep tabs on these sorts of things.

Read all about it because its curtains for you Chilcot inquiry as the Chilcot report researching the Middle East gets posponed and effectively slammed back in the cabinet. Is It Curtains For The Chilcot Report On The War In Iraq? Yep, Looks Like It (