Proper Silly Questions And Answers

There are many silly questions people are keying into search to find out things. The Internet is rife with all sorts of answers and theories none of which are backed up with true substance or common sense. For example the other day I noticed someone talking about human resources, now the acronym for this occupation is HR. Do you work in HR. The answer to which online replied in a well known forum, yes I work in human rights. What a load of poppy cock.

R.F.Wilson is in Brussels again talking about the world economy he has been closely watching the development of information and disinformation out there and come up with some interesting incites into the world of Q&A, perhaps the stuff they do not want to know about.

In his interesting abrasions of the subject he takes a rough look at many subjects that he thinks is key in understanding subjects. For example he takes a good look at the Arab Spring an uses the research available online to underline key flaws in the machine of information we read online. He highlights the silly questions and puts a big green thumb print on the answers available.

Coupled by political information about the Middle East he strategically puts a blue line through the complicated long list of clauses explaining new democracy now. Wilson does a proper job of tracking down key authors online and takes a look at there profile to see what it says there as an example of what silly questions can do for peoples understanding of who they are and what they are about. Furthermore he takes a look at peace keepers and points out some interesting truths. You see one thing to understand is people are not who they think they are. A spoiler of what Mr Wilson reveals in this important and at times satirical article is as you will find out is that friends often complain about friends.

He takes a good look at the HR department as a whole and consolidates with positions available and underlines a long list of criminals in the world pulling the strings and typing all sorts of silly answers and often these answers are reactions to their own silly questions cleverly created to keep the 99% of the population dumb founded and confused.

These subjects come up time and again in tests so you want to take notes, especially if you are studying the arts, social and political sciences. You are about to learn a great deal about people and how things work. Have you heard of the London Frieze Art Fair?

Perhaps your a fan of modern art or like going down the gallery with guests so you can impress them and feel stuck sometimes when people are asking questions that need direct answers, the chances are even if you had an internet connection the answers would not be true. Nows your chance to get an overall answer to those what seem at the time proper silly questions and answers over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. Its a good time to take a reality check, there are certain things that will keep you up all night, this is just one of the submitted solutions.