Justin Welby Archbishop of Canterbury

welby comedyWelcome to Stirring Trouble Internationally. In today’s satirical article Ted Obvious is in Lambeth Palace writing about Justin Welby Archbishop of Canterbury and his recent comedy appearances around the city.

Justin Welby Archbishop of Canterbury has delivered some pretty impressive stand-up comedy routines in the past and didn’t disappoint his audience once again last week, soon after the christening of Prince George, the son Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge and heir to the British throne. The Archbishop appeared on the box in his capacity as comedian and said that he wouldn’t mind if Prince George would become a Buddhist when he grows up. Yep, that’s what he said. The prince, he said, is perfectly entitled to change his religion should he choose. And stuff those titles of his when he becomes king and the Defender of The Faith and Supreme Governor of the Church of England. Prince William, Jehovah Witnesses and Aston Villa FC read the rest over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. How about that Justin Welby Archbishop Of Canterbury


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  1. The actor Jonathan Pryce is now playing the role of Pope Francis so I don’t see how another comedy gig can possibly hurt this Canterbury actor. Lots of actors about. Lou Reed supposedly died but he was played by the actor Barry Williams, aka Greg Brady from the Brady Bunch TV show, he’s still around doing comedy as well 😉

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