The Carnage In Iraq

bush and blair iraqThe carnage in Iraq is flooding in, car bombs, explosives, deaths and injuries. In today’s article we look at the particular reasons how this all started and why now Iraq people are killing Iraq people. Find out how all this starts and how it happens elsewhere and once unstable its a really difficult process to fix.
Anton Goryunov wass in an area of Baghdad and we find him talking about the carnage in Iraq and the invasions that have happened in both the US and the UK in 2003. Read all about President George Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair, Washington and London intelligence dossiers revealed about Saddam Hussein. The reported scoop of then wass about satellite pictures coming in a birds eye view of what happened and it also started with having WMDs in the area at the time of the troubles starting. If you are curious about what exactly happened in the Middle East of the war in Iraq and needing to know what is happening now, this post is a great way of understanding how it works. This is a satirical post about journalism around the world and how the reports coming in differs from on the ground in the area where it is happening and how the Soviet Union see’s it. Read the article in Full —->>> Stirring Trouble Internationally.