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world football newsBen Delicious is in London talking about world football news of how racism is dealt with for players and supporters.

Read all about the examples on the pitch being used and the players highlighted a examples of racism in football. One is by Yaya Toure of Manchester City and what he reported on a visit to the ‘Himki‘ Stadium in Moscow. This example is from the recent games at a European Championship.  Find out how FIFA reacted to these reports and find out what happened to the Moscow professional football club, and how it effected the amount of supporters who attended the next match with Bayern Munich. Read this and more world football news and get the full article over on #STi News International.

The second part of this short case study extracted from the archives of world football news is from the English FA who are celebrating a massive anniversary this year. The world football news that Fifa’s boss Sepp Blatter has made some announcements about stamping out racism that you would not want to miss. Equally this section of the world football news adds contrast to what is being done to improve things by the companies organising matches and why the subject is so important, bearing in mind the game has successfully entertained millions of people for well over a century and a half.

Part three of the world football news case study looks at the supporters here in the UK. By using one example out of many prosecutions you will be able to clearly understand the types of things that can happen when you mix high spirits with alcohol and what can happen outside of the game on the journey home and how this affects other people who have nothing to do with world football news. The example is from last year. This is about some Charlton Athletic supporters who were charged in a court of law and penalised by the football association for racist chanting which included negative references about Stephen Lawrence on a train on their way from an away game last year. This is a prime example of world football news, find out what happened to them over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

Finally in summary you can expect to read a light-hearted conclusion about the The Premiership which concludes the solutions of todays report about world football news. You should read the article in full if you get chance bookmark else email to yourself and friends, here is the link: Some latest news about the world football and its governing bodies