Optimizing Press Releases: SEO is Now About Natural Writing, Social Sharing

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Optimizing Press Releases: SEO is Now About Natural Writing, Social Sharing & Interesting Content.Search engines continually update the algorithms they use to index, categorize and rank online content, and the SEO landscape is far different today…

Jim Bob‘s insight:

Just found this press release its nice, up to date and to the point. Interesting things to note are current tips about press releases and what to avoid in the hype of a first paragragh and also the use of over optimization. You should be speaking in your chosen groups language so they understand. When I say language I do not mean translational multilingual language. Yes you can find out what this is in search and yes you have listened to what people are saying in response to what you have previously posted. Does this mean you should continue saying the same things? No I do not think so, any repitition is simply going to clash with what you have already said. Is there a danger of taking on board or resharing what other people have said well about the subject? Possibly, however giving respect to people who have done a better job of you at that time when talking about a subject is helping understand the Internet and overtime you will retain more readers respect by simply responding in a published short way, if your article ads contrast to what is being said then this will create a reaction in a place where engaged readers are already active and this can go one way or another.

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