Telling It Like It Is: Honest bankers?

Telling It Like It Is
In this week’s edition of Telling It Like It Is, VoR’s Brendan Cole discusses the week’s news with former Kremlin adviser Alexander Nekrassov and journalist and broadcaster James Whale.

Jm Bob‘s insight:

A humourous conversation of this weeks news. Italian news from the Ukrainian news. You can find out more about Boris Johnson, smoking and bicycles. Smoking, blank packets and reshaping sales copy as news results come in from Australia. News from South London about Jesus and some quotes from the home secretary of saving women from 30 years of captivity with a couple living on a commune. A charity organisation managed to save the people from the commune. The Litvenko inquest and documents from Russia and Scotland Yard facts of the death that turned out to be no facts. MI5 reports into the incident has also revealed interesting news about the topic. The business relationships between Russia and the United Kingdom continue to grow and the tourism trade continues to expand. More and more people are looking into the news from the regions. Todays episode mentions a bit about that too.

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