TV News Channels Run Repeats

tv news channels run repeatsAdam Lovejoy talking from London in an entry on website Stirring Trouble Internationally about news channels and how they should run repeats. Here’s a great way for TV news to cut costs the savings could run into tens and even hundreds of millions.  TV news channels run repeats about Gordon Brown which is very odd. News reflecting over Saddam Hussein, Tony Blair and David Cameron would go down a treat a no one watching would notice that it was all just a rewrite, a repeat of what has just been said elsewhere. It would be no problem showing Chancellor George Osborne . Or take US President Barack Obama getting that dodgy Nobel Peace Prize. So running repeats of the EU gatherings would be very easy. Also read about how Nicolas Sarkozy’s back as the chancer. Why don’t TV news channels run repeats from previous years. To cut costs.