North Korean Struggle At The Top

When you at the top of an organisation and have to make an impression on the world to survive its really hard, as hard as a bucket of buffalo wings. Anton Goryunov is teleported to Pyongyang talking about the North Korea struggle at the top, this is a factual story of woe in the last bastion of communist states. The nation’s leader, Kim Jong-Un uncle Jang Song Thaek chairman of the National Defence Commission somehow stepped on his toes. Young Kim, also known as the Brilliant Leader replaced his father two years ago as leader of the North Korean king of thrones. North Korea struggle at the top family member Jang and his accomplices were  executed  30 days and 30 nights ago. Jang a North Korean was executed find out how over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. Was the team shot, drowned strangled or cut up into little bits with limb bones crossed in a coffin?  Uncle Jang was married to Young Kim’s powerful aunt, Kim Kyong Hui as you can already see North Korea leaders struggle at the top, it’s not all a bed of white roses. Young Kim announced things against the US, Japan and the great architects of chunky chicken. Reviving another worrisome  form of faith in Europe and the new understanding of global communism inside the confines of watching skulls in a box or on the box? Each passing of an elder brings a generation of new men in the North Korean fatly shrinking brotherhood. Keen North Korea watchers have something to cheer about – a struggle at the top.