Ad Campaign Against Smoking

anti smoking advert
Ted Obvious reports from London about a  Public Health warning in England this week. It is an advertising campaign targeted at smokers in a bid to hopefully move them into playing computer games by capturing the attention of their viewers with graphic violence. Usually an anti-smoking advertisement shows what a cigarette can do in the lungs propped up by Public Health statistics to show that they mean business. This advert will keep Big Brother happy for a short what while but what about the others, you know the people who are struggling with other things, find out over on Stirring Trouble internationally. Read more…


4 thoughts on “Ad Campaign Against Smoking

  1. Totally agree! It’s actually obscene what “they’re” doing to smokers – the least dangerous of substance addictions I think.

    • Yes I agree, this campaign will create a lot of jobs though and appeal to certain amounts of people during this time of year. Well done and thanks for your support this year, happy New Years.

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