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This is funny, wage war on lobbyist find out what Adam is saying by going over to Stirring Trouble Internationally. You can find out more about David Cameron lobbying Nick Clegg politics  Member of Parliament, Lobbying and London. Labour and 10 Downing Street. STi

Adam Lovejoy reports from London he notices comedy and satire everywhere he goes and Westminster to 10 Downing Street is again now full of comedians as the war is waged on lobbyists.

Waging a war on lobbyiest means canoodling about in pressure groups and doing favours for each other this is the basic premise of Politics, Adam points this out in todays article.

Adam leaves no stone unturned and takes a good look at MPs and the groups they are setting up to overshadow the other groups that are being created to counterbalance the problems, it is tit for tat basically.

Now the Prime Minister David Cameron has teamed up with people closest to him on his side of the bench to find out what is going on and it just so happens Nick Clegg is one of those people who have proved very instrumental in explaining exactly what is going on behind the curtains.

British politics has taken some flack these past few months so the British parliament is doing its best and that best is creating more groups than the groups that oppose and challenge them.

saudi royalsThe thing that seems to make Adam chuckle the most about this situation regarding lobbyists and politicians is that the Houses of Parliament is the only place that seems to notice these things.

The residing influence seems to be commissioned from outside forces like Saudi Arabia who have paid the British government to help with their affairs. This is not new news Colonel Gaddafi is one good example which Adam Lovejoy underlines in his report. You can read the full article by going over to the main site. The link is provided.

The next favour is how to deal with President Bashar al-Assad and on the backend of this lots of tips are coming from around the world.