Sport On The High-Definition Television Tennis, FA Cup And Junk Food

french openDid you watch the FA Cup or French Open this year on High-definition television. Found yourself surrounded by Junk food? The eyes were on Paris as the topic of Sport is business as usual it is great watching television especially Tennis.

Adam Lovejoy reports from Paris: Yeah, yeah, the French Open is on again and millions, we are told, watch every bloody match on the box. And some, I hear, watch the repeats late in the evenings to savoir the best moments. You know, all the groaning and the fist clenching and and an occasional good volley.

Now tell me this: how is it exactly that watching a tennis match on television enriches anyone’s life? Or, come to think of it, how does watching any sport on the box, be it football or rugby or cricket or even snooker, makes sense? I can at least understand when people actually make an effort to go to see the sport they love so much in person,

But sitting glued to the box for hours, sucking beer or munching junk food, getting all excited about a bunch of unremarkable s pushing the ball or carrying it or hitting it with a bat or with a cue, listening to two or sometimes more commentators talking nonsense.

the TV companies that use the high viewing ratings to charge extortionate rates for adverts.

Like it happened recently with the women’s English FA Cup when there was not a spectator in sight.

his is so stupid really that it beggars belief. Anything is probably better than wasting time on sports radio commentary.


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