8 Ways to Get More Google+ Page Followers

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Let’s face it, Google+ is not going to go away like Google Buzz or MySpace. More and more users are becoming familiar with Google+ and using it every day to connect and communicate.

Mike Allton‘s insight:

8 Ways to Get More Google+ Page Followers

If you feel like you’re not yet getting much traction with Google+, or with your Google+ Page specifically, these tips might help, in a variety of ways. While designed to help you gain more targeted, interested followers, many other benefits will ensue when you:

1. Optimize Your Profile
2. Get Social
3. Get Verified
4. Blog About It
5. Use the Button / Widget
6. Follow Others
7. Be Different
8. Encourage Sharing

Many thanks to +The Blog Cheerleader for the great graphic!

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What other tips would you add?

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