WATCH: Ukraine’s Protesters Battle Police in Dramatic Live Video of Crackdown

Just watching live now there seems to be flames in the background with a women on the loud speaker with a blue laser waving in the air. In the back ground there are lots of banging noises and big water vans washing down the flames in the road. Hope everything settles down soon.


It appears government efforts to squash three months of protests in the Ukrainian capital have reached a dramatic climax. On Tuesday, after failed negotiations, clashes between opponents of President Viktor Yanukovych and security forces re-ignited. Kiev police report at least nine deaths and many now expect a crackdown on protesters camped out in the city’s Maidan Square. The live feed here, brought to you by an independent Ukrainian TV channel, shows the two camps locked in a tense standoff, with ranks of riot police massed before the protesters’ barricades. The clashes are expected to continue deep into the Ukrainian night.

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