Kiev EU Protestors Ukraine

Anton Goryunov is todays entry talks about the Kiev EU Protestors in Ukraine. If a government gets elected in a Western country is usually a reason to celebrate a new beginning.

So why are Molotov cocktails thrown at the cops? Why did the new government force their way into the government buildings? And why did they then barricade the building? Ukrainian protesting has been popular option for some time. Street mobs and other forms of European democracy have added to the rise in protesting popularity.Ukraine–European Union relations have reinforced this sort of thing.

Around the world over the years we have seen all-sorts of barbaric images. In Europe there have been many tempting offers sent from the capital countries who have control of the EU money.

Viktor Yanukovich, Donetsk Oblast and Luhansk Oblast turned down the European Unions financial offers. The Euromaidan started all the protesting by offering large amounts of money from the Euro budgets purse. They hope everyone soon will join the one currency meanwhile Kiev violence continues to make the live news.

It’s just like one of those Adolf Hitler promotional video’s you see littered all over YouTube. A humorous marketing tool overused by American YouTube fans. The French PM Hollande is also getting wind of what is happening and concerns have been expressed about the up and coming Syrian civil war.