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West’s sanctions on Russia: Are they just for show?

Big, big sigh of relief among Russia’s super-rich, as the West announces “smart sanctions” On Sunday, 96.7% of voters in Crimea’s referendum chose to leave Ukraine and join Russia.

Jim Bob‘s insight:

Alexander Nekrassov  former government Kremlin adviser has wrote this article as a Special to CNN.

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6 thoughts on “West’s sanctions on Russia: Are they just for show?

  1. tucsonmike says:

    Thank you, I will check the archives. I have never been to Ukraine, though my ancestors are from there.

  2. stijbob says:

    I understand Mike the news is back and forth at the moment and it makes interesting news. Ukraine is lovely place and Russia is a leader in governing the world laws. If you get chance have a watch of the latest YouTube video found it earlier or better still watch in the archives of the BBC at HardTalk. I just looked and it does not seem to be in the archives anymore, maybe you can find it Mike.

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