BBC News Channel – Dateline London

Dateline BBC

Date Line Alexander Nekrassov

Date Line chat show over on BBC about news on television in the United Kingdom.

Foreign correspondents based in London give an outsider’s view of events in the UK

J insight:

Alexander Nekrassov and other Foreign correspondents currently posted to London look at events in the UK. Find out more about Hamas or Israel, Syria, Ukraine and other news in the UK this week.

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One thought on “BBC News Channel – Dateline London

  1. I have a real problem trusting mainstream news. I mean, it’s almost an issue with me. I avert my eyes. I can’t look. All I can see is a Hollywood movie, a media created fiction. After years of being lied to, believing disinformation etc, I just can’t watch it and trust it as having journalist integrity. Propaganda everywhere. Without first hand knowledge how can we know what the talking heads are saying is true? I’m not being a butthole, I have serious issues. lol Is this different? It is BBC. I’m tempted to watch, but don’t want to drink more hemlock. 😉

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