Telling It Like It Is: Gove + Cameron /VORUK/Alexander Nekrassov/Time Ecot/Brendan Cole

David Cameron’s Cabinet reshuffle, female bishops and Anglican church service news are among the topics discussed by political commentator Alexander Nekrassov , Brendan Cole and Tim Ecott.


 Politics in the UK. Behind the scenes news about future coalition government. Reddit fans comment here:    via @shareaholic


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One thought on “Telling It Like It Is: Gove + Cameron /VORUK/Alexander Nekrassov/Time Ecot/Brendan Cole

  1. Hi Alexander , I hope you & family are well in these difficult & dangerous times we live in with Iran going full speed ahead building its nuclear arsenal, the war in Ukraine, the ongoing conflicts in Syria, Afghanistan , Iraq & here in Israel the war we have with Hamas.

    The one thing these conflicts have in common is that Russian weapons are in the hands of the bad guys . Its a pity that Russia doesn’t use its vast revenues from Oil & Gas to renew its own infrastructure , housing, transportation, hospitals, schools, housing & job creation for its people instead of pouring everything into expanding its military & exporting nuclear technology and vast amounts of weapons to all the bad regimes & terrorist groups in this unhappy and increasingly fractured world torn apart by ongoing conflicts on almost every continent

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