Supermarket price war predictions for UK economy – #VoRUK

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Britain’s economic recovery has been put in doubt new figures showing a record fall in food sales in the UK. Fierce price wars between high street chains led by companies like Aldi and Lidl are partly


News  from Voice of Russia UK today just in supermarkets are having to drop prices to compete. The UK Edition VoRUK announced today a change in food prices. Supermarkets like Tesco are caught up in a price war.

The prices are changing in UK supermarkets again. Find out the top 3 supermarkets to do your groceries in over on Voice of Russia UK.


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  1. Is this not just market forces competing for a stated market. The size of a market is pretty much stable and therfore the more traders in the market competing with each other, initially means a reduced share for some or all. This is just the same situation which occurred when supermarkets were being formed and their competition was the small independent shops. Then, due to the size of the supermarkets their buying power meant that they could offer most of the goods to the shoppers at reduced prices than the independent shops. When the market share for the independent shops fell below a sustainable level many of the independents had to stop trading. Now the same is happening to the supermarkets, by the discount stores. The question is will a market share for any of the supermarkets fall below a sustainable level or will the size of the supermarkets be able to sustain the fall. If this is so, will the discount stores be able to maintain their own market share, if not, the supermarkets may regain some, if not all of their share. The added complication at this moment in time is the amount of shopping being conducted through the internet. In this area will the discount stores be able to trade and if so, how will this effect the market share for all the offline stores. This is how trading is conducted in the West and over periods of time some traders survive and some do not.
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