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Telling It Like It Is: America, NATO, United Kingdom, Russia and sexy global economy

The protests in Hong Kong, the air strikes against ISIS, the Conservative Party Conference, drugs and prostitution boosting the UK economy, NATO’s new Secretary General, the White House


Everybody knows that countries is held up by prostitutes and the sex trade in general. UK is no different. A multi billion pound industry paying of debt in one way or another. So to hear the panel talking about this weeks news comes as no surprise. Its actually a very entertaining show. This weeks panel gives their reactions to the news coming up this week. From Americanisation to the ongoing NATO demands.

You can find out more about how the world is changing? And have a listen to the effects around the world in the most objective way in 2014 over on The Voice of Russia UK Edition.

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The World with David Glencorse on Sunday. Episode One Syria – YouTube

The World featuring David Glencorse over on Arise TV a Sunday show with special guest former Kremlin advisor Alexander Nekrassov. News from Washington. Follo…


Today a new show The World broadcast news about Syria and the recent beheadings. ISIS have executed people and shared it on social media. The two men were journalists.

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Former Kremlin advisor Alexander Nekrassov responds to this weeks news and shares interesting updates about Russia. You can read and listen to more news at Telling It Like It Is over on the Voice of Russia. Or you can watch todays interviews on another mainstream news station CCTV America. Here are some more helpful links.

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Telling It Like It Is: Gove + Cameron /VORUK/Alexander Nekrassov/Time Ecot/Brendan Cole

David Cameron’s Cabinet reshuffle, female bishops and Anglican church service news are among the topics discussed by political commentator Alexander Nekrassov , Brendan Cole and Tim Ecott.


 Politics in the UK. Behind the scenes news about future coalition government. Reddit fans comment here:    via @shareaholic


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News today that the British foreign office top job goes to Philip Hammond #Politics

David Cameron’s reshuffle of his cabinet is seen as a strategic move to appeal to a broader cross-section of the electorate ahead of the 2015 General Election. One of the top three jobs – that of Fore


Hammond who has shown he can communicate well with Europe. Have a listen to understand more on his position, why he was chosen and more importantly what needs to be done. 

William Hague stepped down this week which made headline news. David Cameron and Philip Hammond will be working together to make a brighter future for Britain and build better stronger relationships with Russia and Europe.

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Dave And Nigella Support

nigella lawson

Adam Lovejoy is in London writing about TV and Nigella Lawson over on the website Stirring Trouble Internationally where you can find out more about Charles Saatchi  and David Cameron.

Find out the latest updates from the city of London about Mr Saatchi some Grillos court room reports about a special credit card used recently.

titanicGet the word on the street about the British people and find out more about the Titanic you see above over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.


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Dave, Human Rights And Beijing In China

cameron human rightsChina right now is a leading location to go for business networking, Dave and the gang are going out there soon to represent Britain, hopefully they come back with some great notes. Anton Goryunov is in Beijing in preparation for more British trading, human rights and Beijing’s Chinese capital. The scoop seems to be about the Prime Minister David Cameron a businessmen and politician who is no stranger to liaising with people all around the world. Dave British PM may have to hold back this week on talking about humans rights in Beijing has created a storm in a tea cup bone China. The Chilcot report on the war in Iraq is a topic again that for all the tea in well you get the picture, go over and read the article in full, I am sure you will be amazed. This is the stuff that keeps people up all night on a plane. If you a big fan of what’s going on and like a few lumps of sugar in your tea check out what is being served this week over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. Tony Blair has developed a new way of communicating with China, business is changing and with the right tools you can maximise your chances of getting by, whether you are B2B or BBC you can get the latest and greatest info on what goes where about you know who in places like Britain in the world of Chinese selling financial services. If your a big fan of the Yen and find yourself counting Chinese money and pleased about Japan getting the 2020 Olympics then make a Stand and take a look over Human Rights In Beijing, if this does leave you feeling chained to railings then nothing will. Dave takes a principled stand on human rights in Beijing. By not mentioning them.


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Politicians Lie Because They Care For Their People

Adam Lovejoy writes from London about politics and how it works. In this article you find out about why some lies are there to help out people. Reading all about what President Barack Obama says to the American people about economics. The same things that are happening to the US and the rhetoric being used is also used here in the UK by politicians like David Cameron and as you will find out there is always good reason for all of this stuff.

When we are introduced to new information and rhetoric it becomes everyday language used commonly by everyone, for example the word ‘austerity’ is used the exemplify the problems of other countries like the EU, moments of time in the past and projections of the future ie World War Three. The future of Europe economically just like anywhere else in terms of futurism is controversial and the time zone of forward thinking is restricted. These types of predictions have reasons, the reasons are often justified or debated rather by people who read this type of information and introduce it to the community. It could be you, its the same sort of information that is used with topics like climate change. Knowing the problem, balanced with the lessons of the past means a new pattern has to be introduced.

NATO took a good look at and had an influence in what happened with the war in Afghanistan, the information about the work they did to put the clock forward to see the bigger picture perhaps influenced them on how they went about approaching the problems? In todays article Adam directs you to some interesting notes from Evgeny Lebedev in the newspapers this week that explains why in relation to what you learn why politicians lie and how they care for their people and how its simply part of the job. Read all about Saddam Hussein, Silvio Berlusconi and other politicians and how these principles can be applied to understand what is happening these days, here is the link. Stirring Trouble Internationally

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