The protests in Hong Kong, the air strikes against ISIS, the Conservative Party Conference, drugs and prostitution boosting the UK economy, NATO’s new Secret…


Telling It Like It Is with Alexander Nekrassov. News this week and next around the world. Today’s episode includes latest blurbs from NATO and interesting news about Drugs, Prostitution and the recent Conservative party conference. Additionally find out more about inside the White House and the intruders who got behind security lines this week plus more updates from those awful riots in Hong Kong. Telling It Like It Is is a satirical world news from Russia that is currently keeping track of burning news like what is happening with ISIS and various other programs.

The NATO related show broadcast last weeks includes graphic scenes against drugs, and prostitution, and also covers the in’s and out’s of what happened at the Conservative party conference last week. Similarly incase you have been living in a brick house the White House news as well as the Hong Kong protests should keep you more than busy. Watch the video Telling It Like It Is over on VoR world news, catch up with the in’s and out’s of ISIS and all the other programmes featured on Voice of Russia UK edition YouTube channel.

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Ed Miliband will visit Washington and speak to US President Barack Obama – UK Politics

The British leader of the opposition – Ed Miliband – is expected to visit Washington early next week – where he’ll have a ‘brush-by meeting’ with US President Barack Obama. Dr James Boyes is a US poli


This is a big oppurtunity for the UK and Ed Miliband to have a good chat about politics to the US Prime Minister Barack Obama. Join in the conversation over on Reddit Uk Politics. Preferably give it thumbs up, thumbs down might mean it disappears so be sure to leave your comments. If you get chance listen live to radio VR news. Here is the link >>

whats the time in Kiev London
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Tian Wei CCTV Ukraine crisis CNTV News

Host Tian Wei on CCTV from Ukraine as the crisis continues.

CCTV News in Kiev resumes military operations against activists in the East as tensions continue to rise.

Discussed on todays show are some helpful resolutions about the ongoing eruptions in the Ukraine.

A Russian, American and Ukrainian former advisor, talk about Ukrainian policies.

Russian former advisor; Alexander Nekrassov talks about behind the scenes news in Ukraine.

Washington DC former advisor William Taylor shares what the back bench politicians are saying.

Oleksiy Poltorakov talks about Ukrainian policies they are suggesting on CCTV.

The implementation by politicians in Kiev’s new regime could create more problems if people do not calm down.

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Cynical Observations Obama In 2007

Gone are the days of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher. Things are a lot different in 2013. The overview of this years US politics from places like New York about the Democratic Party.

Seven years looking back America has achieved so much. There are still plenty of obstacles to overcome.

Whats shared in New York about the critical conclusions in 2013 American politics and Barack Obama? This summary of 2013 is from the eyes of the people, from polls on how they see it in the US Senator.

This weeks early observations compare Bush Junior to Democrats of the past. Ronald Reagan and what he achieved with the achievements of Barack Obama.The analogy takes a look at historical matters that happened during the Falklands war. Margaret Thatcher during the Argies conflict.

How Exocet missiles from a country in Europe raised a few difficulties needed to be overcome. The points raise interesting insights about the Middle East Israel, big war and  foreign debts.

Write-offs and other things that Obama in 2007 to 2013 have helped overcome. Read the full article it’s called A Few cynical observations.

NATO Has A New Mission: To Contain Rising Chinese Military Power
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Shooting At The Naval Yard

Aaron AlexisThe shotgun canteen gun crime shooting at the Naval Yard military base in Washington DC world news came unexpected and the circumstances of the case a very nasty surprise.  Hired by the military base after being discharged from the US misusing guns and not following orders correctly.

The shooting with the shotgun was done by Aaron Alexis, he was trained to find Muslim terrorists and protect the United States from al Qaeda ever since the War on Terror begun this has been the case thanks to George Bush Junior.

This is not the first time President Barack Obama has had to address victims of this sort of thing and the world.

So a US Prez is used to it as the people who arguably have become desensitised by violence playing video games and watching a lot of TV series showing in detail what happen. Stirring Trouble Internationally has nominated Grand Theft Auto 5 as one of the number one games which contribute to people playing a role play part in the Naval Yard shoot out violence only that is not real and the incident was. Its time more research was done on this sort of thing. The after shock of gun crime to the three thousand employees in Washington DC and the police force after offices received leg injuries from the weapon.

Trailer Park is a popular Canadian TV series.
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A Rodeo Clown Wearing An Obama Mask

A satirical bookmark of the post made today about the The Missuri Fair over on Facebook, chime in and leave your comments. The whole affair raised some interesting things which paused proceedings at the Entertainment popular rodeo, and managed to make mainstream news is it calculated or all happened by accident, I will leave that up to you to decide, read on to find out more. The Apprentice movement for Barack Obama in Missouri created an influx of views online Claire McCaskill sent some signals to Washington about this bizarre comical story unfolding inside the Missouri State Fair and a Rodeo clown President. Popular songs there came from Western rap songs with video’s of the Prime Minister posing on a horse like the one on Broke Back Mountain a popular film about two cowboys who romantically explore the art of drinking coffee and writing to each other like the popular film about writing letters from England to Paris by a popular author set in the early 20th century.obama and bull. Dan Majestic reports from Washington White House about the President Barack Obama masks and jokes in Missouri and the Democratic party and more news about the KKK Kenya gags from Hawaiian ex secret officers shaking their maracas analyzing ink on official certificates. Apparently it all ballooned out of proportion after the mask was put on the top of a broom for all the spectators who came to the rodeo. A similar stunt happened in the film Borak, perhaps this is where the idea came from. These sorts of stunts are only interesting once and as Borak realised interfering with the show is not a good idea if you want to win a popularity contest.

A US Democratic Claire McCaskill commented on the scoop saying ‘to the Pentagon ‘he’d been setup like a kipper’ and other popular gags to entertain the echelons of society who choose laughter over happiness and contentment. comedians and jokes about George Bush and other US presidents from politically correctness. I think the rodeo announcement was a PR stunt that did not work out, though may help with the ratings which is good for free advertising the events. Cowboy popularity has been waning since the invention of the motor car. And the KKK humour went out with the introduction of the back boot. The Facebook pictures got out and people transformed them into DVD’s and video uploads, adding orange luminous graphics and choosing keywords to get the video’s out there, making them go viral. Fancy dress is coming around again soon, in a couple of months Halloween costumes will be the topic of conversations people coming out in the dark dressed like cows simply does not wash and the horrific KKK costume used by secret societies in places like Turkey will also be best left with the rest of the dusty blankets. More satire over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

Terrorist plots
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US Calls On Its Citizens: Terrorism

Dan Majestic reports from Washington about the news from the muslim world and the recent prompt by United States President Barack Obama about al Qaeda in the White House and the Arabian peninsula. The US State Department are using Mission Impossible intelligence to help in the Middle East and Asia about another terrorist threat