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Cambridge to London: Final UK day of Tour de France

cycling in London

The Tour de France’s visit to England is the world’s best known cycling event warm up. Listen to the podcast over on Voice of Russia UK.


The Tour De London was really good. Guests from France ended their journey today. The race started in Cambridge. It is a bit of a warm up for the main event Tour de France the best event on two wheels without a motor. Find out more by listening into the Voice of Russia. It is a really good radio station that shares the most intelligent news from around the world in the United Kingdom.


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The London marathon brings out the best in runners and some even go the full hog and dress in crazy costumes in the name of charity.

We salute these people and bring you the craziest so far. No doubt there will be more ‘mad’ runner on Sunday.

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Best fancy dress runners of the London Marathon

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Want to run the London marathon without leaving the gym? Now you can…


London Marathon starts early tomorrow get on your best sneakers. If you are going out to watch the races, leave some blurbs and let me know. Other news today is an interesting game of football with Wigan and Arsenal. That is on tea time today. Have a great day it should be nice.

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London marathon, digital marathon You will soon be able to run the London marathon course without actually going outside (Picture: LondonMarathonTV/YouTube)

Fancy running the London marathon, but don’t really like the outdoors? Good news! You can now run the course on a treadmill instead.

With the race notoriously difficult to actually get into – almost two million people have been rejected since the first London marathon in 1981 – this ‘interactive 3D experience’ offers a chance for runners across the globe to enjoy the world-famous course.

Footage filmed at the beginning of last year’s marathon has been used to create a virtual race, complete with cheering spectators, barriers and aid stations.

London marathon, Tower Bridge You can now pretend you’re running across Tower Bridge (Picture: PA)

Race director Hugh Brasher told Reuters: ‘It’s certainly the next-best thing to doing the race and turns what could be a dull treadmill run into a really exciting experience.’

A one mile ‘taster’…

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Spot Betting Football Spotlight

sutton united football clubSpot betting and spot fixing on football games is in the spotlight again. So what is a spot bet and which sports work best with these types on investments and more importantly should you or should you not take notes? Adam Lovejoy shares his understanding in todays sports entry from London.

Adam focuses on footballers, explains spot betting and gives a few tips on how to spot the ball by reading the news.Today’s story is about tabloid news this week about spot betting football. The industry has taken a knock in Europe and like the National Lottery people are always wondering how they can win where the odds of winning without a formula are actually quite thin.

In the search for solutions some theories are out there which may help you understand about winning and the trails and tribulations that this is having in the sports industry, from sponsorships to looking at the photograph and trying to figure out where the ball might be at any given time.carshalton athletic football club

The National Crime Agency, the FBI in the US has come up with some interesting ways of trying to figure out where the ball might be at any given time and devised a way of spotting if anything has been photoshopped or anything like this.

It was only a matter of time before the rest of the world took heed. Also one other way of reducing the odds are by focusing on the players, looking at the kickbacks and questioning there every step on the possible match fixing process. The obvious challenges were the weather conditions, the size and type of the ball used, the type of grounds the game is played on, a good understanding of the stadium, the height and styles of players, the time of year and how well they are doing that year. Who do you choose, who do you think is most likely to score a goal and from which angle. The coach is known to give good instructions but on the day its down to the players and good team work.


Toto-ticket 1966

Toto-ticket 1966 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


And its not just football any game with a ball can be spot checked for example cricket in India is very popular and predicting the trajectory of the ball is becoming easier as indeed the ability to submit the forms to try and win cash. Breaking News: Six held in football ‘fix’ probe (crosbyherald).

The Betting industry as a whole has been given the nod, its a great way of making money, more and more betting shops are filling up and the high street continues to be a great place for people to hang around. Spot betting with the Internet has also taken a format. You can read all about the ways spot betting is in the spot light and which newspapers are predicting what every week and where about’s to find these helpful items of taking part over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. Spot betting in football comes into the spotlight. in a very stupid way.


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English FA Guidelines For Celebrations

footballers celebratingThe rules are clear for refs to follow along, not everyone get it the players are supposed to abide by the rules, now it is time to introduce new rules on how players celebrate victories between goals, or is it?

Lets find out Ben Delicious is in Soho taking a look at the games proceedings as a game unfolds. The article starts of in central London, where Ben broadens the subjects variables by explaining about the English Football Association and what they would like to see from players when they do well, not just how they play but how they should celebrate too.

In football what we are used it seeing is very similar to what we see in sport around the world. Obviously there is a lot of excitement clubs having celebrations with players performing jumping and hugging the actual procedures that the board would like to see in conjunction with what the fans like to is something Ben takes a look at today.

If you like football and curious to know how these measures being introduced might increase your experience of watching the match, you wont get a better incite of the topic than what you will read today over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. Its actually quite funny too.

There have been all-sorts of talks about footballers who play well but seem to use more energy dancing and celebrating, they get excepted onto the team and work there way up the ranks. If your a player to this is something you want to take a look at. Great news for coaches, players, fans and spectators.

You get one example in todays post which really boils down what the problem seems to be and with this information you will get a better understanding of exactly what the Premiership need from the teams and players. This is group project which will hopefully improve the game, making it even more popular than it already is.

FA commissioners look on the bright-side of English football and know all the hoops that players should follow, this according to the guidelines should yield better results and raise consciousness of people watching the game. These new English FA guidelines however are simply just that, a way of systematically improving how it looks in the stadium, on normal telly and wide screen TV. The hope is that other countries will follow suit.

That is not to say to the UK is not influenced by information coming in from around the world, take Siberia for example its very cold there and they have unique ways of celebrating on and off the pitch. We have the offside rule and people have managed to master that easier enough, so knows the time to take another look at the English FA introducing stricter guidelines for all these celebrations. (



World Football News

world football newsBen Delicious is in London talking about world football news of how racism is dealt with for players and supporters.

Read all about the examples on the pitch being used and the players highlighted a examples of racism in football. One is by Yaya Toure of Manchester City and what he reported on a visit to the ‘Himki‘ Stadium in Moscow. This example is from the recent games at a European Championship.  Find out how FIFA reacted to these reports and find out what happened to the Moscow professional football club, and how it effected the amount of supporters who attended the next match with Bayern Munich. Read this and more world football news and get the full article over on #STi News International.

The second part of this short case study extracted from the archives of world football news is from the English FA who are celebrating a massive anniversary this year. The world football news that Fifa’s boss Sepp Blatter has made some announcements about stamping out racism that you would not want to miss. Equally this section of the world football news adds contrast to what is being done to improve things by the companies organising matches and why the subject is so important, bearing in mind the game has successfully entertained millions of people for well over a century and a half.

Part three of the world football news case study looks at the supporters here in the UK. By using one example out of many prosecutions you will be able to clearly understand the types of things that can happen when you mix high spirits with alcohol and what can happen outside of the game on the journey home and how this affects other people who have nothing to do with world football news. The example is from last year. This is about some Charlton Athletic supporters who were charged in a court of law and penalised by the football association for racist chanting which included negative references about Stephen Lawrence on a train on their way from an away game last year. This is a prime example of world football news, find out what happened to them over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

Finally in summary you can expect to read a light-hearted conclusion about the The Premiership which concludes the solutions of todays report about world football news. You should read the article in full if you get chance bookmark else email to yourself and friends, here is the link: Some latest news about the world football and its governing bodies


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Expense Of Sports And Government Propaganda

premiership footballThe Olympic games of the Ancient Greece, to the astronomical sums of of serious money to pay for players and how Nazi Germany during the war created a News program to start up the Olympic challenge and create a proper job in Sport.  R.F.Wilson is in London chatting about the Premiership Teddy Pendergrass and other players.Even ancient Greeks,  sport, The German Nazis and Soviet communists of religion, pretty much like it is done now in the liberal West, to give the masses something to get busy with.

We are now talking astronomical sums on financing the Olympics or football World Cups or athletics tournaments. TV news channels are now broadcasting sports news about injuries on and off the pitch, split ups with girlfriends and up and coming transfers to other clubs.

This is brainwashing, pure and simple. A cover-up for the sins of politicians and the bankers especially as serious money is made along the way. Wake up, everybody, as Teddy Pendergrass once sang! A post made earlier today over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.