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UK News Updates Feb 2015

UK News Updates Feb 2015 include Sputnik News UK, MFA Russia, The Brics Post, StirringTrouble and this weeks LBC radio link.

You can listen to Alexander Nekrassov on LBC radio recorded this week he phoned in after the news intermission the BBC Radio 5 live link is embedded below.

Or watch it over on SoundCloud be sure to subscribe for new records.

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Jazzie B: London Legend – The Voice Online

The Voice Online Jazzie B: London Legend The Voice Online TO PUT it it simply, Jazzie B is the pioneer of the warehouse rave scene who founded the British group Soul II Soul and has been the voice of funk and soul in the UK for the past three years.


Soul to Soul singer Jazzie B talks to the Voice Online about the early days in London when the band was very popular.

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World Economy And The Messy War Cards

nuclear explosionThe way we look at the world is so different and distracting that in order to explain what is going on you really need to get the worlds attention. Depending on how good you are at getting peoples attention will determine if they even find what ever it is you are trying to say.

Adam Lovejoy reports from Paris sharing interesting ways of approaching political analysis. The way things are shaping up in Europe and across the pond at the moment. He takes a look at how America is explaining things. He also reports about Syrian rebels and the broad spectrum of things being formed between United Nations and Bashar al-Assad. The  Middle East is a very popular subject and the Taliban is again another popular subject people like to write about.

The thing is there has already been a lot of things said about the great big war, so what could possibly be on the cards, that you have not already read. Well like any game practise makes perfect. The easiest way to end with war cards is loose of win. The quicker this happens the less it drags out.  Another thing about war as you can see in the image (courtesy of Stirring Trouble Internationally) is that war is a great way of clearing debts. Countries have been levelling the playing field for years. Adam manages to separate from fiction and draw you into that world of knowing just what exactly is going on. Check out the main website or simply add us on Facebook or Google+ to keep up to date with news.



Comedians Making Life Hell For Politicians

obama bush and cheneyPart two of the comedy about politicians saga over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. A couple of weeks ago Stirring Trouble Internationally reported the news about comedians, politicians and the decline in quality of the two.

R.F. Wilson is a writer and has some interesting views about comedians in London and politicians around the world.

The news still remains the same about the comedians struggle to continue to find gags about Tony Blair, Barack Obama, Sarah Palin and all the politicians who’s lives are made hell by comedians.

Anyone who has ever moved in 10 Downing Street will tell you a similar thing: comedians have had the responsibility of explaining what is going on to the general public. Through mediums like Have I Got News For You hosted by Paul Merton , Ian Hislop and other people. There are more shows now like Mock The Week still running other puppet comedy shows have now since finished.

Some popular themes in 2013 have been staged on Saturday Night Live, this was mentioned in earlier posts and part one of the comedians making life hell for politicians. People in the US have been outraged by the government shutting down. The irony of this is captured in today’s article.

The PC Views Of Democracy And Dictatorship
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Members Of The PC Brigade Fight It Out

david attenboroughAdam Lovejoy reports from London in an article called members of the PC brigade fight it out.

The scoop today is about the BBCSir David Attenborough and Charles Darwin. You will have read in recent posts about the theory of natural selection. This article by Adam Lovejoy goes into the subject a little bit more.

As you may have noticed the PC lot have been talking about natural selection for years and broadcasting on television about the theories for quite a few years now. Phil Taylor has made a recent comment on the article this week. He spoke about a Switzerland Dignitas clinic  suicide facility.

You can find out interesting reviews about the evolution myth over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. And todays article covers some interesting things about the Liberal Democrats on TV this week.


Angela Merkel in Germany say Nein to the euro and ja to the deutsche mark in Europe.
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Angela Merkel And Chewing Gum

angela merkelGermany is a leader in Banking economics and people look to Angela Merkel from the European Union for the news. Adam Lovejoy responds in London about German Euro and the US dollar.

The US Federal Reserve and Ben Bernakaee, read all about Singapore, China and the IOUs on natural products.

Find out the latest change in the market on Wall Street, then disregard everything and use your own sense of judgement about the charts, graphs and candles to see where the real profit is going to be.

In today’s satirical article you can read some old jokes about German Nazis chewing gum and find out more about Angela Merkel and how she won the polls this week. Find out more about the up and coming coalition over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

As a special bonus we have provided entertaining and informative news about Eurozone debt crisis , EU members. Find out how games like Grand Theft Auto 5  and companies like Paddy Power are taking over the hearts and high streets, meanwhile Match Of The Day and the BBC are providing entertainment to get people out of their homes and onto the terraces.