‘Five Eyes’ UK new MeetUp About Snowden, Russia and the United States

Five Eyes is the special name for countries in the US, UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand who are attending a new MeetUp this week in London. Learn more about the NSA, whistleblowers and cyber security.


More news from Russia about Edward Snowden. Learn how countries around the world are using the internet. Find out the terminology for July 2014 that people are using to exclusively share about this sort of information.

Get the details and times to attend, the details of membership. A chance to rub shoulders with people behind the scenes who are pressing all the buttons.

Audio included about the event this week being held in a special place inside the city. Five Eyes will be in attendance to find out what is going on.

This is one of those London events you will depending on who you are will miss but would still like to know what is and has happened.

If your interested in this and in some way think you qualify, go to Voice of Russia /UK and find out all the details. They clear a lot of this stuff up for you.

Be sure to tune in live, download the App to your phone or subscribe to the best internet radio show these days on AudioBoo.

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Michele Obama In The Chinese Media Talking About Human Rights

VT65191_2012003532-scr News in from Beijing about a Michele Obama talk in the Chinese media this week.

Michele Obama did a talk about human rights. At the end she sent sympathies to all the family, friends and work colleagues of the missing Boeing.

The US White House First Lady is spending some quality time in China with her mom and the kids.

President Barack Obama is back at home taking a well deserved break and soon will be in talks with President Vladimir Putin.

President Barack Obama delivers remarks about ...The US representatives included a couple of paragraphs in the Michele Obama speech about human rights and how it all works. The United States have some decent writers for speeches like these.

Peking a Beijing University is the place. The faculty has a good reputation around the world.

Lots of lucky students hoped to hear something special and she did not disappoint.

Obama along with the American media have kept the satire and humour up.

The Daily Show, Onion and other comical sites have done all sorts of strange and random articles too.

It’s not a patch on what you will read here, but they are doing there best considering all the control that is happening these days.


Protesters In Ukraine

Alexander Nekrassov QTAnton Goryunov is in Kiev and the protesters have been there for two months. Protestors in Kiev Ukraine are receiving money for doing so and free cups of tea and coffee.

Listen to Radio 4 interview on radio 4 about the Ukraine in January 2014.

The European Union and Vladimir Lenin is this the EU Soviet Union all over again? The US bankers in Davos have speaking with President Viktor Yanukovich and the ongoing response to Europe seems to be none to happy’.

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Most News In The New Year Had Pretty Much Nothing To Do With News

Statue of Saddam Hussein being toppled in Fird... More news from CAR  in conjunction with Iraq, Al-Qaeda and Saddam Hussein. The Central African Republic has done a lot of research this year and the United States have been helping out too. Find out more about the 2003 invasion of Iraq, Qaeda and the recent obituaries about Sharon. Ben Delicious is in Paris explaining more about Central African Republic and the Organisation of African Unity. Read more about Ariel Sharon, Israel who is technically dead. Read all about Iraq  civil war, al Qaeda and the US invasion of Iraq in 2003 where Saddam Hussein was removed from the throne and his sculpture toppled on TV. Find out the latest news about US Federal Reserve and how much money they are printing over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

Prefectures of the Central African Republic


World Economy Cards

map of syria
Adam Lovejoy is not far from the Eiffel Tower in Paris doing some  global political and economic analysis for you to study over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.  European and  other bankers around the world. the US print trillions of new money which upsets a lot of people.
The British government is always trying to help and recently armed with appropriate weapons Syrian rebels so they can have a better start in 2014. Bashar al-Assad has weapons but they are not the weapons you thought he had. America on the other hand is in the Middle East and they are helping people to begin looking after themselves with the teachings that they have been given. The team in Afghanistan are discussing and rewriting things in Pakistan, the problem seems to be with the Taliban they have some beef about the borders and will hopefully sort themselves out too.
The socialist leninist Arab far left party started of in bath were a group of people got together and eventually started a coup. They thought is would be good for Palestinians and they have been moving for peace in the area, but its been very hard. They have had many formal and informal parties talking about the situation. Organisations like WikiLeaks drew attention to the importance of this small number of people behind the scenes trying to sort things out. And yes they track back to the al Assad family a basically Arab and African left organisations that popped up when news, talks and fears came about from things like Jihad and terrorism. The thing that sprouted up the most was an argument about land in the middle east, which never seemed to settle, even today. They have tried martial law, which evolved into the Arab Spring which again never amounted enough to completely resolve the conflicts there.

day o the triffids
Many people around the world have been creating think tanks and capturing opinions through incubators to see if anyone else knows what to do. They have sat down and spoke and also actively gone out on the streets waving banners and suggested all sorts of things in the hope that someone will come up with great solutions. In the movies these sorts of things get sorted out in a very short time. One good example of this is the sci-fi British horror spoof ‘The Day of the Triffids’. In this film very quickly people begin to understand who the enemy are, what they are capable of and what there weaknesses were as well as avoid the nasty sting of the tentacles. The plants would paralyse then eat people. The people in the area quickly came up with the perfect weed killer and the film ended on a happy note. This has not been the case in the middle east in fact its nothing like the film I am just making a very important point. The more people talk about things the more you understand the agendas that are holding back peaceful actions and neighbourly reconciliations.