Women Protesting In Turkey To Reduce Violent Attacks By Men

Curbing Violence Against Women in Turkey With a New Parliamentary Commission

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Notably in Turkey this week solutions have been made to curb the amount of money doled out to male politicians in a plan to reduce violent attitudes against women.

As attitudes change so does the awareness about what happens in these countries. Any sort of awareness to reduce what is happening is good.

For over ten years there have been various measures put in place to try to reduce violence against women in these areas none of which have yet made enough of an impact to write home about.

Today’s post looks at areas of society in pockets of the world that are unable to keep on par with the rest of the world.

Turkish women are taking a stand against any unnecessary violence against them.

They take a look at the hangups that exist compared to the rest of the world as a way of reducing that shocking statistics of crimes against women involving violence.

Women Protesting In Turkey To Reduce Violent Attacks By Men