Jon Stewart Of The Daily Show Funny Humour, Leftie Propaganda

jon stewart

Are you a fan of Jon Stewart from the Daily Show, most people are getting a bit tired of the leftie humour including Bill Clinton, the Internal Revenue Service and the United States Department of Justice. The White House area does it own stuff, Barack Obama for example is very good at Humour.

Adam Lovejoy writes from London


This is another one of those Pardon me for asking categories about  Jon Stewart from  The Daily Show and asks the question to the audience and viewers is this stuff still funny? For example pulling silly faces, talking in silly voices with no real reference that constitutes political satire full of  left wing biased.

Seeing Jon in action interview politicians like President Barack Obama, Bill Clinton or his wife Hillary Adam thinks is very dissapointing.

The Daily Show is on the side of the White House and is a good defender for President Obama especially over the Benghazi cover up which again makes a lot of sense, so well spotted Adam.

Adam reports about the IRS tax affairs report for the conservative groups before the previous years presidential elections and says not everything was as it should have been.

The US Justice Department had access to the phone records to AP researching where they get their sources of information from, so they must like the gags too.

Leftie audiences Adam goes on to say seem to approve of all the bland jokes made on the Republicans or Fox News. This as already pointed out as I am sure you’ll agree does not really constitute anything along the lines of funny, genius, satire or comedy.

One can only conclude that The Daily Show is not doing a good job of making news sound hilarious.

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