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Telling It Like It Is: US mid-term elections and the European Union

Telling It Like It Is: Canada shooting

The gun attack in the Canadian capital Ottawa, the US mid-term elections, ruction in the European Union and the death of the Washington Post editor Ben Bradley are among the topics tackled in todays show.


News From Stirring Trouble Internationally It’s October 2014 Alexander Nekrassov, Maggie Paggano and Jeremy Robinson discuss this weeks up and coming news over on Voice of Russia. A Radio show you know and love called Telling It Like It Is.

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EU Court Sberbank appeal sanctions

The Court of Justice of the European Union has on Monday confirmed it will hear an appeal by Sberbank of Russia against a decision by the Council of the European Union to impose sanctions on it.


News From Stirring Trouble Internationally

Smurfs are go.  (Photo credit should read BEN STANSALL/AFP/Getty Images)
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Human Rights Watch Nigeria’s support for women

rescue Chibok GirlsWomen and girls abducted by the Islamist group Boko Haram are forced to marry, convert, and endure physical and psychological abuse, forced labour, and rape in captivity. Human Rights Watch conducted an inquiry into matters.

News From Stirring Trouble Internationally Rescue Chibok Girls #BringBackOurGirls use the hashtag whenever corresponding on Twitter.

Brussels Is A Talking Shop Incapable Of Doing Anything To Save The Eurozone
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Barents-Kara Sea-ice decline doubles chances of severe winters in Eurasia

The decline in Arctic sea ice over the past few decades has doubled the chance of severe winters in Eurasia, according to a study published online in Nature Geoscience. Researchers found that, as a Source:
News From Stirring Trouble Internationally The Barents Sea severe winters in Eurasia has doubled the chance the sea-ice reduction in the Barents–Kara Sea changed the probability of severe winters in central Eurasia.

The EU compared to the fall of the Soviet Empire
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Dilma Rousseff wins Brazil election despite economic woes

Despite opposition from nearly half of Brazil’s voters, leftist President Dilma Rousseff won re-election on Sunday and will have another four years to try to revive growth in a once-booming economy go Source:

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Hong Kong protesters cancel referendum

The leaders of Hong Kong’s pro-­democracy protests cancelled a vote on what the next step should be in their month-long street ­occupation, saying they had not consulted the ­demonstrators properly be


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Exhibit B which is defined by the London Barbican Arts Centre as a work of performance art. …

Source: It was described by others as racist art that “fetishises the black body”. The performance has drawn controversy wherever it goes.