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The Voice Series 3 On The Beeb Anyone?

STithe voice

Freddie Matthews writes from London

The BBC commissioned The Voice UK for another year in advance. The Voice, the X-Factor and Britain’s Got Talent propel mediocrities to stardom. The BBC has reproduced the Britain’s Got Talent show hosted by Jessie J and Tom Jones, Tom helped Leanne Mitchell win the Voice UK competition and Will from Black Eyed Peas was there too.

Simon Cowell invented the format which targets plebs who watch the box on weekends, getting all excited about people like them making fools of themselves in front of cheering crowds.

the voice judges

The Voice for the BBC, has just been appointed Director of BBC Television so that he can finally get his own fancy office in the £1 billion BBC New Broadcasting House.

Jessie J. may not have released a single since May last year but it’s not like she’s been unheard of since and that has done her public profile a world of good.

the voice judgesThe US band The Black Eyed Peas are associated with many hugely successful names his desire to help the UK amateur music scene Freddie says is very interesting.

Tom Jones is mixing with them too, a star who did well in his youth and is a great entertainer. His chosen act, Leanne Mitchell, who has won the first series was quite good too. The Voice series 3 is happening in 2014.

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Sending Letters Laced With Poison To Politicians Makes No Sense. They Don’t Open Them Anyway

obama whitehouse

Have you heard the news today, oh boy Michael Bloomberg and others are looking at the contents of Ricin, the United States Secret Service have made forensic reports that have surprised the Mayor of New York City, members of congress in Washington via Dan Majestic over on Stirring Trouble Internationally including Barack Obama, show it should surprise the whole of the United States and White House what these letters were laced with.


Dan Majestic reports from Washington.

Big, big fuss has been made here about US President Barack Obama being sent a threatening letter in the post laced with ricin or at least with something that looked like ricin.

RicinLetterWashingtonThe US Secret Service has confirmed the fact yesterday, pointing out that the correspondence was intercepted by the White House staff before reaching the intended addressee.

Earlier even a bigger fuss was made over New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg being sent not one but two angry letters on the same subject of gun control, also supposedly laced with ricin.

michael bloomberg

In recent times there were several occasions when Americans sent angry letters to their politicians, lacing them with all sorts of substances, including ricin.

Ricin is one of the more available poisons as it can be found as a natural component in castor beans.

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Bridger Jones
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Here We Go Again: Hacks Go Over The Top Covering Another Gruesome Murder

bridger jones

Ted Obvious reports from London


News from Machynlleth in Wales travels fast to London the crimes in the Middle East and Woolwich are being superseded by news in about Murder reported in the Welsh News program recently about Mark Bridger. The topic is high authority right now in TV News, the British Media are focusing on graphic violence to hide to violence that is happening elsewhere.

Here we go again: the British media goes way over the top in its coverage of the trail of that psychopath, Mark Bridger found guilty yesterday of the murder of 5-year-old April Jones in the small Welsh town of Machynlleth , hiding her body and refusing to tell the police its whereabouts. No one is saying that it’s not a tragedy but does it warrant blanket coverage in TV news bulletins and in the newspapers?


Welsh murders
Especially at a time when a regional war in the Middle East is in the making and tensions over the murder of the soldier Lee Rigby by Muslim fanatics in Woolwich still running high.

Filling news with endless reports about all sorts of crimes is plain wrong. Especially as no one gets any wiser from all this intensive reporting that contains loads of absolutely useless information. Especially as this time round it was pretty clear that Bridger was guilty, having confessed to ‘running over’ the little girl in his car and then supposedly ‘forgetting’ what he did with her body.

And one more thing: have you ever heard any hack talk about the damaging influence of graphic violence on the box, on the big screen and in computer games on all sorts of idiots who transform virtual reality to real life? No, they never say that, do they?

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Jon Stewart The Daily Show
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Jon Stewart Of The Daily Show Funny Humour, Leftie Propaganda

jon stewart

Are you a fan of Jon Stewart from the Daily Show, most people are getting a bit tired of the leftie humour including Bill Clinton, the Internal Revenue Service and the United States Department of Justice. The White House area does it own stuff, Barack Obama for example is very good at Humour.

Adam Lovejoy writes from London


This is another one of those Pardon me for asking categories about  Jon Stewart from  The Daily Show and asks the question to the audience and viewers is this stuff still funny? For example pulling silly faces, talking in silly voices with no real reference that constitutes political satire full of  left wing biased.

Seeing Jon in action interview politicians like President Barack Obama, Bill Clinton or his wife Hillary Adam thinks is very dissapointing.

The Daily Show is on the side of the White House and is a good defender for President Obama especially over the Benghazi cover up which again makes a lot of sense, so well spotted Adam.

Adam reports about the IRS tax affairs report for the conservative groups before the previous years presidential elections and says not everything was as it should have been.

The US Justice Department had access to the phone records to AP researching where they get their sources of information from, so they must like the gags too.

Leftie audiences Adam goes on to say seem to approve of all the bland jokes made on the Republicans or Fox News. This as already pointed out as I am sure you’ll agree does not really constitute anything along the lines of funny, genius, satire or comedy.

One can only conclude that The Daily Show is not doing a good job of making news sound hilarious.

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From The Wires Of ITAR-TASS. In Russian


The world is a competitive place and women are finding their equal place in the world and the universe. Women are in space and back on earth there are threats that exist. This article covers female astronauts  news from America which is reported in Russia; from news about the recent hurricanes and other concerned threats announced. You can read the snippets of information in English here. I have included the main parts from translations of original post made over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

Statue of Liberty, New York, USA

Statue of Liberty, New York, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

New York in May a Correspondent from Itar-Tass named Shamshin talks about the Statue of Liberty , they know it is a symbol of the city and access during Hurricane Sandy made the area closed. From Manhattan and New Jersey  Liberty Island all people in the area were rounded up and asked to board a tourist boat.

The attacks of September 11, 2001 have also added to the way things are dealt with differently in Liberty Island.  The United States celebrate the most important holiday called Independence Day this is in July.

Liberty Island

Liberty Island (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rudyard Kipling a famous author of Jungle Book found a letter in which he admits to plagiarism, the book is a collection of short stories that the American media are now saying were based on plagiarism.

ITAR-TASS  talks about a Hungarian village in Tesaersh local

Wooden Car

Wooden Car (Photo credit: naokomc)

made a wooden car and have an article reviewing Beyonce single called Telephone and Japanese band Kozan who play traditional Japanese musical instruments – like the shakuhachi and the bamboo flute.

In 2009, Luke Parmitano was selected with the first Italian female astronaut Samantha Kristoforetti, the flight is scheduled for next year, ESA and the squad began training. In orbit, he took with him a flag of his native city and the rubber cap champion Paralympic Games in London, his compatriot Cecilia Kamellini – as a symbol of “strength, perseverance, dedication and desire to overcome all obstacles,” said astronaut. In addition, with the first board, which will deliver to the ISS equipment and supplies, Luke will get his guitar. He began making music about a year ago and is now going to sharpen their skills in their spare time in space.

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Boris Loyal
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Boris Swears His Loyalty To Dave. But Doesn’t Mean It Really

boris johnson loyal
R.F.Wilson writes from London


Well, now we know. London’s Mayor Boris Johnson is staying loyal to PM David Cameron and is confident in his, Cameron’s that is, victory in the 2015 general election.

On the Internet people are asking for the truth in former 10 Downing Street about what the director of communications Andy Coulson thinks about Boris and Dave and his own struggle to be Tory leader and prime minister. The track record of Boris messing up his jobs and he was no great editor of The Spectator.

In today’s entry over on Stirring Trouble Internationally there are reflections about Ken Livingstone who was then deeply unpopular and if any other Tory would have stood against Red Ken the result would have been the same.

dave dislikes boris

He needs the Conservative party machine to be behind him. Otherwise this whole myth of Boris The Great will fall apart in a day.

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[View the story “Boris Swears His Loyalty To Dave. But Doesn’t Mean It Really” on Storify]

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Xi Jinping And The Seven Unmentionables Or Deadly Sins To Avoid

xi jinpingGu Suhua writes from Beijing

More wisdom from Beijing in China. The Chinese have learned a lot from earlier communist China and Deng Xiaoping of the President of the People’s Republic of China has some interesting words of wisdom for the United States and Xi Jinping also has something interesting to say about things. The recent speech by Chinese President Xi Jinping is worth looking at.

He has come up with the argument that the Communist Party needs to take a broader view of its history. One should not succumb to the temptation to divide the Party’s journey since 1949 into pre-Mao and post-Mao phases, Comrade Xi implied.

chinese students

The average Party member, indeed the average Chinese citizen, would consider that Deng Xiaoping’s pro-market reforms which began in 1978 as the moment the Middle Kingdom’s economy took off.

That was the darkest period of communist Chinese history and saw the Party almost obliterated.

The greatest danger to Party rule is not a military attack but the insidious penetration of foreign ideas and values. Read the previous sentence as a covert reference to American values.

Xi-JinPing7DeadlySins.qrXi is caught in the classic contradiction of every communist leader. How to outperform the Americans and the West while retaining socialism with Chinese characteristics?

Deng’s reforms, beginning in 1978, conceded victory to the capitalist model of economic development. In other words, the Middle Kingdom was to become a more successful capitalist economy.

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