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There was a class I took last year that studied the importance of media and how it effects everyday lives. My professor decided to assign us a challenge to go a whole 24 hours without any kind of media. I was FREAKING OUT. In my head I was thinking that there was no way I want to fall behind on my social media life. But in order to get the grade I had to suck it up and try it. There begins one of the most eye opening experiences of my life.


The media that I ended up giving up for 24 hours was a lot of social networks I am usually on daily.  I gave up Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, texting, and music.  Instagram was a huge one for me to give up.  I check Instagram the moment I wake up in the mornings, every break I have between…

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Putin’s shortsighted military play | The Japan Times


Lets hope Japan can help Europe during its hour of financial crisis.

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This is an insightful, must-read article from the Japan Times. Check it out!

via Putin’s shortsighted military play | The Japan Times.

Let me give you a flavor:

Putin seems to be betting that the West is a paper tiger, unable to stand up to a Russian government with a focused and hungry eye on its former territories. That bet looks to be an increasingly long shot.

Personally, I see another twist to this story. I think that Putin’s policy is in direct response to President Obama’s foreign policy and military strategies – weak, confused and ineffective. I wonder if Obama or Putin is the greater risk?


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David Cameron under more pressure over asylum application chaos

immigrating to UK
British MPs have said that the Home Office has failed to deal with the UK’s backlog of asylum cases, with 29,000 applications dating back at least seven years still waiting to be resolved. It shows how immigrating to the United Kingdom has never been easier. Source: voiceofrussia.com Calais research revealed some interesting news about why asylum seekers are attracted to the United Kingdom. The Home Office are saying it is the country of choice to come and live. Find out how you can apply over on Voice of Russia UK edition. There are various things you can do when you get here, all this and more over on a website that counts.